RL: Please tell us about yourself?

PR: I’m a London-based animator/Illustrator that also has a mild obsession with vintage guitars. Two years ago I started making reproduction tortoiseshell guitar pickguards from my tiny basement, it’s now evolved into a small business.

RL: Please tell us about your work?

PR: I make replicas of pickguards found on Fender guitars in the 50s and 60s. They stopped making the originals in the early 70s mostly because the material they were made from was highly flammable, shrinks, and fades over time. It’s a very niche product, something most people likely wouldn’t notice, but fans of vintage guitars can be very particular about their pickguard patterns.

RL: What do you like about laser cutting and the material/s you used?

PR: I use templates to route each pickguard to size. Laser cut acrylic is the perfect template material. Laser cutting also gives me accuracy that I couldn’t hope to match with manual cutting and sanding.

RL: What made you choose RazorLAB?

PR: I’d tried a few laser cutters in and around London and found Razorlab to be the friendliest, quickest, and most efficient.

RL: Where can we see your work?

PR: You can visit my website

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