RL: Please tell us about yourself?

NB: I am a London-based artist/designer and I am running my own art business where I design various pieces for home decor, wall decor and customised gifts.

RL: Please tell us about your design?

NB: I create Islamic designs and would mostly use Arabic calligraphy in my work. As mentioned above, most of my work are for home decor/wall decor and for customised gifts, it could be a wedding/wedding anniversary gift, a new baby gift, a new home gift or any other occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Eid, birthdays, etc.

RL: What do you like about laser cutting and the material/s you used?

NB: I love the way laser cutting helps giving my work a neat and tidy look, which most people would find appealing. Also, it is really satisfying watching the cutting/engraving process of my designs.

Regarding the materials, I would mostly use plywood, gold mirror acrylic and black acrylic. With plywood, I am able to paint it in any colour – I would mainly paint plywood in gold or silver, which would give it a beautiful and shiny finish. Black acrylic is one of my favourite materials as it would make my work look clean and elegant. Lastly, gold mirror acrylic is one of the most beautiful materials I’ve used because of its glossy look.

RL: Where can we see your work?

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