RL: Please tell us about yourself?

JG: I’m a fashion design student with a vision of creating a sustainable luxury streetwear label with the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi at it’s core. An art principle that teaches to value an object’s beauty, as well as its imperfections, focusing on them equally as something to celebrate, not disguise.

RL: Please tell us about your work?

JG: The acrylic leather stamp is an essential tool for the identity of my creations, it’s allows me too emboss high quality leather patches that act as branding.

RL: What do you like about laser cutting and the material/s you used?

JG: The biggest attraction of the laser cutting process for me personally is the high level of accuracy and extremely short lead times. The fact you can take a concept from design straight to physical product at such short notice is a true testament to the benefits of this kind of manufacturing.

RL: Where can we see your work?

JG: You can find me on Instagram

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