RL: Please tell us about yourself?

DJ: I’m a graphic designer interested in print design, and for my final project for CSM foundation, I created a series of “books” inspired by old texts and myths.

RL: Please tell us about your design?

DJ: My laser cut project, for which I used Razorlab‘s services, was based on Scivias, a medieval mystical text about divine visions, which I then turned into a miniature “stained-glass” design.

RL: What do you like about laser cutting and the material/s you used?

DJ: I don’t think I could’ve completed this project without laser cutting, because the pattern for my stained-glass frame was quite intricate with a lot of curved lines which I could not have cut by hand myself, and the black acrylic that I used cast a perfect, stark shadow that I wanted.

The final product came out perfectly with such a clean finish, and in such short time as well!

RL: Where can we see your work?

DJ: My work can be seen at my website.

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