RL: Please tell us about yourself?

KO: I recently finished the GCD course on CSM foundation and sent to join the BA (hons) in Graphic Communication Design course at CSM.

RL: Please tell us about your design?

KO: My focus as a designer is looking at sustainability which this laser cut piece is one of the outcomes in a response to the overexploitation of the oceans, particularly shark finning, which kills 300 million sharks every year.

RL: What do you like about laser cutting and the material/s you used?

KO: I really enjoyed laser cutting as I wasn’t expecting to have the background, I wanted to be as resourceful as possible to get the best outcome, so I used the plastic wrapper over the shark, which created a fitting contrast, which also meant I didn’t need to discard of any of the acrylic.

RL: What made you choose RazorLAB?

KO: Working with RazorLAB was very easy and efficient, they reply very quickly and can give you as many quotes as possible to decide on what materials to use.

Additionally, they were very friendly and helpful, providing excellent customer service. 

RL: Where can we see your work?

KO: Here is my Instagram.

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