Who uses laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a versatile technology that has revolutionized the way people from all walks of life approach their work. This incredible tool has opened up new possibilities for designers, architects, engineers, makers, students, artists, musicians, bakers, and many other professionals. By using lasers to cut and engrave a wide range of materials, including wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, and even food, individuals are able to create precise and intricate designs that were previously impossible.

Whether you’re a fashion designer looking to add intricate details to your garments, a product designer prototyping a new invention, or a baker looking to add a personalized touch to your cakes, laser cutting offers endless possibilities for creativity and innovation.

The technology has evolved significantly over the years, with advancements in software, materials, and laser power making it more accessible and affordable than ever before. As a result, laser cutting has become an increasingly popular choice for businesses, hobbyists, and creative professionals alike.

People from different backgrounds



  • product designers: creating prototypes, enclosures, shells.
  • graphic designers: creating signage, wall displays.
  • fashion designers: laser cutting fabric to stitch on garments.
  • jewellery designers: coming up with their new range of necklaces, bracelets.


  • electronic engineers: designing enclosures for electronics.
  • mechanical engineers: lasering gears and mechanisms.
  • sound/audio engineers: prototyping testing equipment’s and rigs.
Model maker

Model makers:

  • building theatre sets.
  • lasering props.


  • designing scale models of houses, buildings.
  • creating facades for their buildings with different finish and effects.


  • students: working on their graudation shows.
  • teachers: creating models to demonstrate students how things work.
  • academicians: proving theories.

DIYers / makers:

  • lasering functioning prototypes of their ideas.
  • tinkering with material, color, texture alternatives.
DIYers and makers

Signage makers:

  • laser cutting sheet materials such as acrylic, plywood and mdf.
  • using semi-translucent acrylic to act as a light box.


  • laser cutting stencils to help them create their next artwork.
  • layering laser cut sheets to construct 3D effects.


  • creating stencils to decorate their musical equipments.
  • laser cutting templates to hand route the body of a guitar.


  • laser engraving on medical equipment to personalise them with names and logos.
laser cutting People

Etsy sellers:

  • creating their next collections to sell.
  • laser customise and personalise them to make each item unique for their customers.

Kickstarter creators:

  • creating working models of their inventions.
  • numbering each edition by using laser engraving.
Kickstarter creators

Chefs & bakers:

  • lasering stencils to decorate cakes.
  • designing cake toppers to make their creations unique and personalised to the person and occasion.

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